Welcome to legalrisk.training where you can learn about how to identify, analyze, and deal with legal risk.

The approach to legal risk management outlined at legalrisk.training is grounded in ISO 31000:2018.

Four Major Risk Management Topics

LegalRisk.training breaks risk management into four primary sections: definitions, underlying principles of risk management, risk framework, and the process of managing risks.

Definitions includes articles about essential terms.

Principles includes articles which discuss the core ideas behind legal risk management and ISO 31000.

Framework includes articles about how to write a legal risk management plan and how to fold legal risk management into your organization. We recommend starting with this introduction to risk management frameworks.

Process includes articles about how to perform a legal risk assessment. Articles cover topics like how to identify legal risks, how to analyze legal risks, and how to respond to risks. We recommend starting with this introduction to legal risk management process.

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