About Legal Risk Training

LegalRisk.training is published by Berkman Solutions.

Berkman provides compliance and risk management software and services. We help organizations around the world to improve performance with better management of contracts, legal entities, due diligence, compliance, and legal risk. We are lawyers, compliance experts, and business people first; technologists, second.


Our team has managed, negotiated, and drafted almost $4 Billion in contracts across industries and around the world for the last fifteen years. We have performed and facilitated due diligence on thousands of companies. Berkman staff are recognized experts on contracts, risks, due diligence, and legal entities. We write and speak about compliance, legal risk, and contract management regularly.


Our clients operate in every sector of the economy: health care, sports and entertainment, manufacturing, business services, and more. We count Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses (and everything in between) among our clients.